We invest in and own fruit orchards across the country.


We sell fruits and fruit based products in and out of the country.


We give you the opportunity to own a stake in one of the fastest growing coorporatives in Lesotho.

About Us

This Cooperative Society is legally registered as Tholoana Orchard Cooperatives Society (Ltd). It is by far the fastest growing agricultural cooperative which has set course to transform Lesotho’s agricultural landscape to a whole new level. Tholoana opened its membership in April 2021.

Fresh Fruits

With various fruit orchards that are set to be cultivated throughout the country. These fruits will be packaged and sold in bulk inside and/or outside the country.

Dried Fruits

We hope to use the locally made and high quality fruit driers (e.g. those made at the NUL Innovation Hub) to craft some of the finest dried fruits in the region.

Soft and Hard drinks

Alongside the orchards sites, wineries and fruit juice factories will be established to process the ripe fruits into different wines and fruit juices.

How members benefit

Members will get dividends proportionate to their relative contributions which will be studiously recorded. However, it is important to note that Tholoana is a long-term investment society. So dividends will take years to realize.

What We Do

We acquire suitable lands of the motherland to cultivate fruit orchards which will aid in the development of fruits and self-sustained fruit processing businesses of the cooperative. We strive to transform Lesotho into one of Africa’s largest fruit and fruit-based products suppliers.